Your Destiny; Fight For it!

Everyone has a reason for being alive; we were all birth for a purpose. Our lives are more than eating and drinking. Each one of us has a destiny; a purpose we ought to live for.  The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines destiny as “a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency.”

Christians already know what their destiny is. The Bible tells us in Jeremiah 29:11(NLT) “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

Many men and women in the Bible knew their destiny: Joseph was to rise to prominence to save his family and the world(Genesis 50:20), Jeremiah was to be a prophet (Jeremiah 1:5),  Moses was to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt (Exodus 3:10), Esther was to be queen (Esther 4:14), and Mary would be the mother of Jesus (Luke 1:31). Everyone mentioned above fulfilled destiny but not without difficulties and adversaries.

If you want to fulfill destiny, you must be willing to fight for it!

Knowing Your Destiny Isn’t Enough

The children of Israel knew they would return to Jerusalem one day because God had said so but knowing this wasn’t enough to bring them back to their land. First they needed their captor to free them and God made that possible using King Cyrus to degree their return (Ezra 1:1).

Second, they had to physically get moving. To see the purpose of your life come to fruition, you will have to take the steps needed to see it come alive. Moses had to go to Pharaoh, Mary had to accept being a pregnant virgin. What do you have to do?

Enemies of Destiny

The Israelite’s with the help of their leaders, begin work on rebuilding the temple. You see, the temple was essential to their lives, their identity, their destiny. God had chosen them to worship Him. But not long after the work on the temple begins, enemies arise. They first disguise themselves as friends of the Israelite’s, wanting to help them build the temple.

But the leaders were insightful. They knew they were not genuine and they refused their help. Not everyone who comes to help you fulfill purpose is a friend. With the help of the Holy Spirit, you will be able to discern who is a friend and who is a foe.

When the enemy’s trick did not work, resort to discourage them; “they troubled them in building and hired counselors against them to frustrate their purpose…” (Ezra 4:4-5). They even go as far as telling the King to issue a decree to stop the Israelite’s from building the temple, and for a while they succeed (Ezra 4:24).

Don’t Give Up

When you face obstacles to your destiny, don’t throw in the towel and give up, no! You can take a break, retreat and regroup but NEVER give up.

With the help of the prophets, the Israelite’s rise again and begin to build again. Their enemies come again, but this time they have an answer for them. They stand their ground and the new King rules in their favor so much that their enemies are forced to help them build the temple! (Ezra 6:6-8). When you choose to stick it through, victory will be yours and your enemies will be humbled.

Your Fight is Not Against Men

You must remember, however, that we are not called to fight men. The Bible says our battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces. You are not called to make war against the people who might be used by the devil to stop your destiny. Your fight is a spiritual one and should be targeted at the real enemy-Satan. The good news is that we have been given victory over him.

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. Revelation 12:11(KJV).

So be encouraged, strengthen your feeble knees and fight for what God has declared you shall be!