I utilize tested and proven methods to support and help you to make positive changes about things that you really care about. This could be getting the support you need to recover from negative behaviors and habits, improve or achieve life goals in your career, relationships etc.

My approach to coaching underscores the importance of values, making principle-based decisions, utilizing your strengths, developing a plan of action and providing accountability to help you stay on track. I will also help you where necessary to find more resources for professional care and treatment.   

Mental health coaching requires your commitment and it is based on a partnership model where you will receive guidance, expertise and support to help you achieve your goals based on what is most important to you.


These are robust free monthly sessions where I provide well researched information on various evidence based and proven methods that you can utilize right now to overcome your mental health challenges. These information packed webinars also dispel myths that may be holding you back from attaining your best potential.

My webinars include very interactive Q&A sessions where you can ask any mental health questions and receive expert answers.

Webinars are recorded and you can watch them at any.


Living prosperously and achieving wholeness in your spirit, soul and body is a journey that often entails going through setbacks, twists and turns that can be demoralizing, discouraging and often make you want to give up.  

Higher Living podcasts provide engaging content that gives you the encouragement you need during those difficult and challenging moments in your journey.

The podcast content provides messages that will help you stay on track in your journey to achieve your goals and help you overcome any challenges that you may have.



This is a library collection of general useful resources and materials that may be helpful to you and enrich your life in many ways. These include free ebooks, infographics, inspirational quote cards, white papers, research reports, etc.