Psycho education

Get to know the latest evidence-base information on a variety of mental health topics with our weekly YouTube videos (coming soon) and blog posts which offer an integrated perspective on several mental health issues.


Seeking to improve your mental health? Trying to find out what your life’s purpose is? Utilizing cognitive behavioral strategies, we help individuals make behavioral changes that improves their lives and enables them to reach their goals for the future. 
Unlike counseling and therapy that focus on how an individual’s past affects their feelings and behavior, mental health coaching focuses on an individual’s current behavior and how these behaviors can be modified to achieve the individual’s stated mental health goals.

Training church leaders

Research shows that many people suffering from mental health conditions first seek help from religious leaders before seeking professional advice. 
Church leaders play a vital role in mental health care.

We offer mental health awareness training for church leaders to enable them identify and recognize mental illness, dispel falsely held beliefs about mental illness, respond effectively to those who seek help for mental health conditions, and refer those in distress to the appropriate professional care.