Your mental health is too essential to ignore. Mental health conditions have real effects on our everyday lives as they involve our thoughts, feelings, emotions and how they influence our relationships, work, and personal care. Research shows that mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress account for a loss in productivity, poor physical health, and lower economic status. 

A healthy mental health is good not only for you but for your sphere of influence.

What can you expect?

  • A transformed body, mind, and soul evidenced by a reduction in stress and the development of healthy coping skills
  •  Rejuvenated relationships through assertive communication and emotional awareness
  • A healthier physical body
  • A focus driven life and fulfillment of life goals

Consultations for Church Leaders

Research shows that religious leaders play a vital role in mental health care; they are often the point of call for many with mental disorders and in some cases are the only available resources for those with mental health problems.

What to expect:

  • An understanding of the role of faith in mental health
  • A clarification of misconceptions Christians have about mental illness
  • The ability to identify the signs and symptoms of mental health problems
  • How to respond to mental health emergencies
  • Utilizing the skills of active and reflective listening in ministry
This is specifically for church leaders and you can register below for free consultations. 


These are robust free monthly sessions where I provide well researched information on various evidence based and proven methods that you can utilize right now to overcome your mental health challenges. These information packed webinars also dispel myths that may be holding you back from attaining your best potential.

My webinars include very interactive Q&A sessions where you can ask any mental health questions and receive expert answers.

Webinars are open to anyone who wants to get more information about mental health awareness. The webinars are also recorded and you can watch them at anytime.