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Our Story

We believe that many Christians suffering from a mental health condition do not have the appropriate information about mental health issues, and most times hold beliefs about the causes and treatment options for mental health conditions that prevent them from getting the help they require to live life to the fullest. 

Higher living today provides Christians with evidence-based information on a variety of mental health issues ranging from mental disorders, treatment options, maintaining a healthy mental state, and lots more. Integrating scriptures and science, Higher Living Today offers a holistic approach to dealing with mental health conditions and strives to break the stigma associated with mental health conditions and those who suffer from them. We hope to help Christians find freedom and make a difference for the kingdom.

We believe that Jesus died for our mental health issues too.

Meet the Team

Ufon J. Ahime, M.S.

After working as an emergency room nurse for six years, Ufon decided to make a change in her career path. She believes there is a great need for mental health education especially among Christians; this is because she experienced first-hand the consequences of a lack of evidence-based mental health information among her patients.

To equip herself to better serve the Christian community, she obtained a master’s of science degree in general psychology from Regent University and is presently a post-doctoral student of the department of psychology and counseling at the same university. 

Ufon is presently an adjunct professor with the Dallas county community colleges where she teaches psychology. She is also a life coach with a interest in building stronger families and helping Christians discover the purpose of their existence. She is the author of “Thanksgiving: Living a life of gratitude.”